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Congratulations to the team on a huge win versus New Canaan in the FCIAC Semis!

Ethan Zhang stayed true to form and wrapped up his win in minutes. Michael Karr played a strong opponent but made it look easy giving the team their second win.

At doubles three, Sergei Doroshin and Andrew Kelley brought home a big win versus one of New Canaan’s usual singles players and his strong partner in a dramatic match that ended in a second set tiebreak. Andrew and Sergei closed out the tiebreak 7-4 to secure the third win for the team.

The race was on to clinch the final win. Nick Derby brought it home with a long, grinding match winning in two sets. The rallies on the singles three court were endless. Way to go, Nick!

Shout out to doubles one who were minutes away from their own win, having lost the first set 3-6, blazing back to win the second set 6-0, and were up 5-4 in the third. Ryan Patrick was staging his own awesome comeback. After losing the first set 6-2, he was up 6-5 in the second, despite forgetting to get his racquets strung and playing with John Lochtefeld’s lucky racquet.

Get ready for the Finals at Wilton on Tuesday! Go Blue Wave!